May 4, 2013

Open Houses need Open Threads

Are you looking at any Open Houses next to a farm?

Photo credit thanks to Galen Ward.


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4 Responses to “Open Houses need Open Threads”

  1. wahnny Says:

    Not all farms are that bad, but it’s probably worst during summertime. Areas around Gilroy get innundated with garlicky smells. In south San Jose/Coyote, have to watch out for the pig/cattle farms, which reek during the summer.

  2. Real Estater Says:

    Unless you’re talking about “The Farm”, as in Stanford University.

  3. Real Estater Says:

    Inventory is drying up as we speak. Don’t believe some of the realtors saying inventory is coming back. What matters is “buyable” inventory, which is simply not there. As of this time, Palo Alto only has 3 homes under $2M. Sunnyvale 94087 has no home for sale under $1M. MV starts at $1.3M for all practical purposes.

  4. SEA Says:

    “buyable” inventory dried up before you were born.

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