May 25, 2013

Why Everyone Loves Realtards: Part LXIV


Self-serving arguments: what else would you expect?  Item for discussion: which is cheaper, a divorce or a bigger house? Be sure to indicate where said house would be.  And if you push for downgrading your school district while upsizing your residence, the divorce may well follow on its own.

It’s the weekend! In fact, it’s a three-day weekend! Will you look at more or fewer Open Houses?  Will you post more or fewer comments in this Weekend Open Thread?

Photo from Funny Signs website.

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5 Responses to “Why Everyone Loves Realtards: Part LXIV”

  1. nomadic Says:

    Go all in for hell: upsize to a McMansion in Tracy.

  2. PK Says:

    Bigger house! You need to consider the Community Property effect on the finances, and the cost of lawyers.

    However, the cheapest way to do it might be non-permitted expansions. You know, to avoid that Prop 13 revaluation we all know and love!

  3. Petsmart groomer Says:

    House is 20% down, divorce is 50% down. The house always wins.

  4. sprezzatura Says:

    After all, they’re not making any more land!

  5. SEA Says:

    Fixed Mortgage Rates Highest in a Year

    I guess everyone will “just have to pay more.” Offers will not be reduced based on cost of capital.

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