June 22, 2013

The very best house “in the center of silicone Valley”

2148 RALMAR Ave, East Palo Alto, CA 94303


Let’s face it – there are enormous pools of cash these days, in search of great investment opportunity. You probably have some of that cash, desperate to get some sort of return for it.

And here, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the best investments… ever.

In “the center of silicone Valley” is this amazing cash cow gem. Now, we all know that Realtors cannot lie – because if they do, they are sent to the Realtor Tribunal, judged by other Realtors who have only the highest ethics and professionalism in the land – and thus we must acknowledge that this house really does have 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms in a mere 1,728 sqft.

Just think about how many hackers you can fit in there, hacking away at the next service that can allow us to record 200 characters, 8 seconds of video, or find 3 matching virtual dog treats and crush them together. Think how much you will be able to charge these hackers who make $300,000 a year, changing the way we live, eat, sleep, crush virtual dog treats.

It even comes with gated doors and windows, to help the enormously valuable intellectual property that will lie asleep within – dreaming up new ways to help us be more local, social, mobile, farm to fork, Second Life… oh whoops… big data.

This can be yours. It will be yours. Pick up the phone today. But a bid in. No wait, but in two bids. Then hire Frank Gehry and M.C. Escher to remodel this home. Hey, after all, you’ve gotten to level 924 in Kitty Treat Crush Sagas… tackling this remodel will be a cinch for you!

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2 Responses to “The very best house “in the center of silicone Valley””

  1. Petsmart groomer Says:

    I give credit to the agent/seller for cleaning up the front of the house. Street view shows mailboxes, car seats, garbage bins, etc.

    2156 Ralmar (duplex, $2,900 monthly rental income) sold for $450k a month ago. Listing says 4 bed 2 bath in paltry 740 sq ft.

  2. Real Estater Says:

    We are #1 and #2!

    Top 10 metro areas to work
    1. San Jose
    2. San Francisco
    3. Seattle
    4. Salt Lake City
    5. Washington, D.C.
    6. Orlando, Fla.
    7. San Diego
    8. Boston
    9. Memphis, Tenn.
    10. Austin, Texas

    Look at lowly Austin Texas!

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