August 17, 2013

Palo Alto still clinging to its one and only trailer park

The owner of the Buena Vista Mobile Home Park wants out of the business, the units are vintage architectural treasures, and the residents love the value they get in the high-priced city. In this installment of As The Park Blights, the City hits the property owner with yet another stalling tactic. 

Thanks very much to Burbed reader Petsmart Groomer for sending this important update to our attention.

Application to close Palo Alto mobile home park deemed incomplete — again

By Jason Green, Daily News Staff Writer
POSTED:   08/10/2013 01:52:55 PM PDT | UPDATED:   7 DAYS AGO

PALO ALTO — For a second time, an application to close the city’s sole mobile home park was rejected as incomplete this week.

Toufic Jisser, the owner of Buena Vista Mobile Home Park, is required by Palo Alto’s municipal code to follow a specific process to shutter the decades-old facility. It includes completing a "resident impact report" that spells out how displaced residents would be compensated.

That report is still missing critical information, according to a letter Grant Kolling, senior assistant city attorney, sent to Jisser’s attorney, Margaret Nanda, on Thursday. Nanda, for her part, has said the report meets all legal and technical requirements, as well as the spirit of the municipal code.

While the owner jumps through more hoops to get the park ready for the bulldozers, you’re probably out touring as many Open Houses as you can. Let us know if you find anything affordable this weekend, especially if it’s in a community like this one. 

This is your weekend Open Thread!

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4 Responses to “Palo Alto still clinging to its one and only trailer park”

  1. PA resident Says:

    The application was incomplete because a number of the BV residents did not complete their information forms or turned in incomplete forms. Jisser claimed that some residents flat-out refused to complete their forms. The city will now attempt to get the missing info from residents themselves. Legal representatives for the BV residents are tying to help the residents buy the property and keep it as a mobile home park, but at about half the price Jisser could get if the mobile home park were closed.

  2. nomadic Says:

    Shouldn’t the city embrace this place to meet its “affordable housing” requirements?

  3. PA resident Says:

    That’s what the residents’ legal team has argued.

  4. Petsmart groomer Says:

    Buena Vista owners reject residents’ $14.5M offer.

    The property owner, the Jisser family, has a contract with developer Prometheus Real Estate Group, who would acquire the site at 3980 El Camino Real for an estimated $30 million — if the city approves a zoning change. Prometheus wants to build 180 high-end apartments on the roughly 4.25-acre parcel.

    $14.5M vs. $30M… Tough choice.

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