August 24, 2013

Internet hasn’t obsoleted Realtards. Why not?

Perhaps they will always be with us.

Here’s why real estate agents are still around

130823-realtards-picBy Lydia DePillis, The Washington Post
POSTED:   08/23/2013 09:25:43 AM PDT

In this Tuesday April 2, 2013, photo, Christian Bell and his wife Beth Heinen Bell view a home for sale with real estate agent Becky Dickenson, left, in Grand Rapids, Mich. (Paul Sancya/AP)

The quintessentially mainstream American real-estate brokerage — Re/Max — went public Tuesday. The housing market is hot enough, its initial filing explained, that raising investor cash could launch it into markets around the country it hadn’t yet reached.

But wait — real estate agents? Wasn’t the Internet supposed to drive them out of business?

The online age has been hard on all kinds of middlemen, after all. Travel agents, for example, were rendered obsolete by Orbitz and Expedia. Soft-goods retailers were outpaced by Amazon. The effect should be similar with people who sell homes: What do they have but what they know? And what of that can’t be better figured out through unbiased, publicly available data, crunched and presented free on websites such as Zillow and Trulia?

This is a piece that asks many questions yet delivers few answers. “It’s complicated” is not really an explanation.  And what the heck is Jason’s House?  Shouldn’t he be more original and call it Jason’s List?  It’s mentioned in a Washington Post article and there’s mentions in Texas media, so it should be really helpful to all our Northern California readership.

It’s Weekend Open Thread time, too. Met any helpful real estate agents lately?

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3 Responses to “Internet hasn’t obsoleted Realtards. Why not?”

  1. No2Realtards Says:

    The only real reason why these scumsucking leeches are around still is because the MLS is closed without paying a very expensive subscription fee and requires a RE license. Thats it! Otherwise, I’d rather just find a home, hire a RE attorney for $200 and be done with the transaction.

  2. nomadic Says:

    What’s stupid about Redfin or “Jason’s House” is that they don’t change a damn thing. Maybe that’s why the MLS doesn’t seem to hate them as much as discount brokers. Those services take some of the full commission paid by the seller and puts it in the buyers hands. Transaction costs remain high. When is the ridiculous 6% commission going to change? Why haven’t the rich people with $3M+ houses balked? They can be known for being frugal.

  3. Petsmart groomer Says:

    The change should first come from the sellers. Houses practically sell themselves around here nowadays and there is no reason to give 3% to a listing agent.

    In bob math it’s billions of dollars lost on a $1M sale!

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