September 21, 2013

Post some comments… or we burn this house down

130920-arson-commentAlright, so the site’s been having some access and downtime issues. We know, but we can’t do anything about it. Do you see us complaining?

Well, yes. Yes, you do.

Too many of you are giving up instead of pressing Reload over and over and over until the 502 Bad Gateway error goes away. So, it’s come to this. Make some comments so we know you’re reading… or this innocent stock photo of a house, who hasn’t hurt anyone at all except for the Photoshopper who get second degree burns adding the extra flames… gets it.

And think of all the other innocent houses who will have an even worse fate. That’s right, if you don’t speak up in comments, thousands and thousands of houses will never get a chance to appear on the front page of Burbed ever. Now think about it, that means your house may never appear, even if you wanted it to be famous!

Reload, respond, and refresh.  Not just a good idea. It will keep the houses posted.  And at room temperature.

Comments (15) -- Posted by: madhaus @ 7:07 am

15 Responses to “Post some comments… or we burn this house down”

  1. Jb Says:

    Still reading although we live so far out of the RBA it feels like the twilight zone.

  2. DonnieJ Says:

    Please just burn it down.

    While you’re at it, please try to repeal a law that passed, and hold the rest of government hostage because of it.

  3. PK Says:

    Your incentives are backwards. Some commenters might wait until you get to their neighbors before commenting!

  4. Rickety419 Says:

    It’s raining here in the RBA. No house fires. No worries.

  5. Mole Man Says:

    Just remember that it should be Return of Interest Rates and not Revenge of Interest Rates because interest rates need no revenge.

  6. Alloson Says:

    Love this site!

  7. Real Estater Says:

    I saw the demise of this site coming and mentioned it on a couple of occasions. There are 2 main reasons:
    1) The site is becoming less relevant because the arguments and debates of the past have now been settled after real estate won
    2) The site admin’s censorship on occasions drove away conversations and discouraged insights from being expressed

    I’ve done my part to support this site for years; unfortunately madhaus has run this enterprise into the ground…how about let’s disband now and join the Redfin Bay Area forum instead?

  8. Lefty Lucy Says:

    Still here, still reading, still watching the insane RBA real estate market! Just not a big commenter. (Haven’t been having any problems loading pages.)

  9. nomadic Says:

    I think today’s post hexed something because when I was going to comment this morning, the site crashed on my phone for the first time.

  10. Alex Says:

    Are you fcking kidding me?

    The dumbass Faux Estater is still here? Real estate hasn’t won sh*t. Fcking dumbsh*t realtards are still out there pumping this ridiculous bubble. When it pops and goes all tard on you again, don’t cry.

    As for this web site, less frequent updates would be fine. My sharp wit can only come up with insults every so often. Too tired from tapping Faux Estater’s wife.

  11. Kim in the East Bay Says:

    I wonder if I finally could afford that house in the photo.. “Handyman’s special”

  12. Real Estater Says:

    Easy Alex. No use to struggle since you’re priced out forever.

  13. Post some comments or else… Part Deux [] Says:

    […] we threatened a stock photo of a house if we didn’t see more comments pronto. Today, we up the […]

  14. sprezzatura Says:

    Real Estater – why not start your own blog?

  15. Alex Says:

    I’m not priced out forever, you fcktard.

    Instead of blowing my hard-earned money on bubbly real estate, I chose to blow it on blow, hookers and your wife.

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