September 22, 2013

Post some comments or else… Part Deux

20130921-dog-gunYou enjoy this site? Well, then, this requires your assistance. Good content needs good comments to keep more good content coming.

Yesterday we threatened a stock photo of a house if we didn’t see more comments pronto. Today, we up the ante.

Remember this iconic image?

And if you’re too young to remember it, well, you can read it, can’t you?

Thought you could.

We don’t think we have to spell it out, now, do we?

Fine. We’ll spell it out. Post some more comments or the dog gets it.

And don’t give us any crap about this dog probably being dead already since the magazine cover was from January, 1973. He’s been brought back to life… in Bucharest.

This is also your Weekend Open Thread, not that that ever made any difference.

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10 Responses to “Post some comments or else… Part Deux”

  1. DonnieJ Says:

    Real Estater Says:
    September 21st, 2013 at 5:44 pm
    I saw the demise of this site coming and mentioned it on a couple of occasions. There are 2 main reasons:
    1) The site is becoming less relevant because the arguments and debates of the past have now been settled after real estate won

    So Real Estater is right.

    There are less people who care about the topic this site covers because home prices that are 10X the average household income are now considered sustainable.

    So in that sense, nobody likes to laugh at a $600k 750 square foot house in Daly city anymore.

    Also, concepts like “Real Estate won” are also sustainable. Incomes keep dropping, and Real Estate has risen probably 4X in the last decade.

    Makes me wonder what has changed.

    What should we do with those people who have been priced out forever, have no equity built by someone else, and not by themselves. Some spent it on rims and escalades in 2007, the others, squatted it out. So in other words, a bunch of old people, a bunch of rich kids, a bunch of corporations, a bunch of skill less doorknob flippers, and of course some normal folk.

    In other words, two populations, the have’s and the have nots. However, those who have didn’t do it by their own accord. A real departure from survival of the fittest.

    In more other words, when something is rigged, and not natural, it keeps more and more energy to keep it a float.

    Real Estater says it ‘won’. Good luck with that. I do love this site, and daily content, along with 6 or 7 other blogs, but the general population has been desensitized and now accepts it as normal.

    The future’s gonna be fun, that’s for sure.

  2. sprezzatura Says:

    There’s still plenty to mock when it comes to Bay Area real estate. The issue is that like many volunteer efforts, there’s a natural life cycle to people’s involvement, and since there’s no money involved, it’s hard to bring new people in to take over.

  3. KikiSC Says:

    16 months ago there was a brief window when we could’ve moved or remodeled the kitchen for about the same amount of cash. The pain of a remodel vs. the pain of a move were carefully weighed, and I searched daily listings (including the entertainingly odd FSBO offers on CraigsList) for a house that would be a “trade up” for us. Baffled by the plethora of snout houses, I typed a query into a search engine to ascertain why. I couldn’t figure out who liked snouts so much that tens of thousands would be built in one small geographic area. One of those search results led me to burned, and I lol’ed like a jolly soul, which I am decidedly not. I chime in when I have a fresh perspective to bring, but am less concerned with the macro RE world and more concerned with the deteriorating lifestyle of overbuilding without proper infrastructure to support the extra humans. Clearly, that’s outside the scope of burbed, but I check in here anyway, to get a giggle at the absurdity of it all.

  4. magdalena Says:

    There’s an interesting article in The Atlantic this month about the realignment of wealth in the country. It helps explain why the RBA seems to be in a perpetual bubble.

    But will people leave the sprawl of Silicon Valley for San Francisco? Discuss.

  5. Real Estater Says:

    I’m not one to say “coulda, woulda, shouda…”. I bought properties in 2011, and remodeled those properties. I also remodeled my bath 10 months ago.

    The truth of the matter is the “have-nots” had plenty of opportunities to become one of the “haves” over the last 5 years. However, even when opportunities were presented, many chose to refute it, or even mock at it. It happened many times in this forum. Instead of looking to capture the opportunities, some chose to play cheerleader as the market dropped and took no action. A certain idiot even pointed to various charts and projected that prices would drop forever.

    The economy doesn’t care if you are priced out forever. It is up to each individual to watch the trends, go to open houses and feel the pulse of the market. The good news is that opportunities are always out there. The latest article from the Mercury News indicates that there is more money on the table.

  6. nomadic Says:

    (Ken) Fears said the NAR expects prices to continue to rise.

    Now that’s a shock!

  7. bublidoo Says:

    I’d say keep it going, it’s still fun. And to those who think you’re priced out: keep looking. This one looks reasonable, for example:
    Los Altos at 2 bucks a square foot. No pictures tho.

  8. Reader Request: Live/Work Situation [] Says:

    […] Also note that said reader neglected to say whether this was a purchase or rental. Ha ha! Now they’re going to get all kinds of unsuitable suggestions because they weren’t specific enough! Maybe they’ll post in comments, especially because they don’t want us to shoot the dog. […]

  9. Steve Tyler Says:

    DonnieJ might be right — it feels different this time. We’re in another bubble, but for some reason this time people are accepting it as normal. Maybe because it’s the second bubble in 5 years?

  10. Dewane Says:

    #5, this post reminds me of a story written by Kilgore Trout, Kurt Vonnegut’s struggling Science Fiction writer character, a recurring character he used in a good number of his books. Kilgore wrote a story called “asleep at the switch”. It was basically God telling somebody who had just died that they pissed away every chance they got to be rich. “IBM stock was at 2 dollars in 1953! You could have bought $10,000 then and been a millionaire by now. But where were you? Asleep at the switch!”

    These posts from RE are basically “you’re a bad person and you should feel bad if you haven’t bought Real Estate”. Not sure what the point is, unless it’s to gloat.

    There was a lot of baiters on the site before too. People who would fall into the troll’s lair. Now it’s pretty well-behaved.

    There is also the suspension of disbelief. Real Estate is to unreal for so long, that people take the insanity as a normal part of life. It’s like real life is more idiotic than a site that tells us what idiots we are to believe it.

    And yes, we are in another bubble, and here we go again.

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