September 23, 2013

Complete fixer could be charming

Today’s entry doesn’t mince any words. It also disdains the use of exterior photography for the cover shot.

130923-stjames-redfin288 SAINT JAMES Dr
Piedmont, CA 94611

3 Beds
2.5 Baths
2,227 Sq. Ft.
$427 / Sq. Ft.
Built: 1927
Lot Size: 0.29 Acres
On Redfin: 10 days
Status: Active
Stories: 2
Community: Piedmont
MLS#: 40631365
Style: Normandy
View: Wooded
County: Alameda

Complete fixer in good location on large parcel. Could be very charming needs everything.

Oh, how cute. Now they’re running real estate ads in The New Yorker. Guess they have to hire cartoonists when this what it really looks like.


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14 Responses to “Complete fixer could be charming”

  1. Steve Tyler Says:

    I was looking at this listing last night, and marveling at the idea of a $1 million fixer-upper that “needs everything.”

    I know people who bought a house in Piedmont they could actually live in for under $900,000 less than two years ago. This bubble is crazy.

  2. Tim Bracken Says:

    About half the listings I see for Berkeley have a drawing as the lead photograph. I’m guessing some brilliant agent came up with this artistic innovation, and now others have jumped on the bandwagon for fear of missing out. After all, these drawings must drive up buyer interest, leading to more and more overbids and untold riches for the agents.

  3. very amused Says:

    This is why East Bay is not the Real Bay Area: million dollar scrapers aren’t notable. Check out the streetview. Looks like the Addams Family compound.

  4. Jb Says:

    its got great fence – so it doesn’t really need everything. is piedmont as hot as the rest of the east bay Not Real Bay Area? prices have seemed almost reasonable there compared to some of what is selling nearby without the schools – or is it wild up there too? I guess I have lost track.

  5. Real Estater Says:

    This one should sell quickly. Beautiful house in a beautiful location. I hope it gets restored rather than torn down.

  6. Steve Tyler Says:

    Wait, are you saying this is a million dollar teardown?

  7. Real Estater Says:

    Wait, are you saying you find that shocking?

  8. driveby Says:

    Wait a mil for a teardown in Oaktown?

  9. sprezzatura Says:

    At least it’s not another POS McMansion. But yeah, pretty amazing that a fixer-upper in the East Bay is so pricy.

  10. nomadic Says:

    Holy shit, I agree with RE. I think the house is cool and just needs some remodeling.

  11. Steve Tyler Says:

    Yes, of course it’s shocking! A million dollar teardown, when Piedmont homes you could actually live in were selling for less than that 2 years ago? Have we lost our minds?

  12. Bob Says:

    What the hell is that room in the lower left pic? A grow room?

  13. Speaking of million dollar fixer uppers, here’s one [] Says:

    […] this one isn’t in Palo Alto or even Piedmont. […]

  14. Wave Says:

    First, Piedmont is not in “Oaktown”, it is a separate city with a mayor, police force, school district, and so forth. Second, Piedmont has a no tear down policy regarding houses. It is almost impossible to tear down a house, so unless this house is condemned, it will be restored. This has kept the city so pretty and free of tacky McMansions.

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