October 3, 2013

“Work done with permits” with the most lucky price ever!

1350 PEGGY Ave
Campbell, CA 95008


First, let’s take a moment to observe that this house has the luckiest price ever. Whoever buys this house will be showered with years of good fortune and good SAT scores. There is no doubt.

Next, let’s just look at all the benefits this house has to offer! Long time readers of this blog know that permits are often just ignored. After all, this is the most disruptive place in the world – Silicon Valley doesn’t need stinkin’ permits. Ask for forgiveness, not permission! So the fact that this house has work done with permits – that’s definitely a unique feature.

But most importantly, once you plunk down this $888,888, you will have enormous flexibility to spend the rest of the $1M you have sitting around to grow this house. Just think of all the possibilities! After all, there’s a 200 amp panel and so much flat land. Will you be building the ultimate brogramming cave? A massive Singapore Math™ study zone?

Let’s hear your best ideas!

Comments (4) -- Posted by: burbed @ 5:04 am

4 Responses to ““Work done with permits” with the most lucky price ever!”

  1. donjumpsuit Says:

    There is only one reason you need a 200amp panel in a residential home, and if you look at picture three of the copy, you will notice that it’s already there!

  2. sprezzatura Says:

    Looks like someone ran out of money mid-remodel?

  3. burbed Says:

    What’s in pic 3?

  4. donjumpsuit Says:

    Under the tree. It’s not a Japanese maple, that much is certain. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannabis

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