November 6, 2013

Waterfront Lifestyle in (okay, next to) Silicon Valley

Have you ever wanted to live right on the water, like some homes we’ve featured in Alameda, but thought to yourself, “Dang it, I don’t want a killer commute like that! I have to live near major employers and be able to hang out with my friends in downtown Palo Alto if we ever get any time away from work! Oh yeah, and I don’t want to pay a million dollars for the location! Plus I want a property listing that acknowledges how creative I am.” Now you can have it all!

131106-maple-redfin1548 Maple Street #82
Redwood City, CA 94063

2 Beds
2 Baths
890 Sq. Ft.
$298 / Sq. Ft.
Built: 1996
Lot Size: —
On Redfin: 31 days
Status: Active
Property Type: Other (See Remarks)
County: San Mateo
Community: Lenolt
MLS#: 81336823

This charming 2BR 2BA floating home features unobstructed Redwood City water views. The two level home is an entertainer dream home with open flr plan, modern Kitchen, expansive decks, and a two person hot tub. Bonus work room/ workshop makes this home a dream come true to every person who enjoys the outdoors, entertainment and being creative.

Yup, nothing screams “I am being creative” more than a houseboat in Redwood City, unless it’s a schoolbus in the Santa Cruz Mountains. And the houseboat not only has an open flr plan, it’s much closer to Facebook.

Bunus: Absolutely NO public info on this place except the fact it’s a mobile home. A floating mobile home. Speaking of sunk costs…

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20 Responses to “Waterfront Lifestyle in (okay, next to) Silicon Valley”

  1. madhaus Says:

    Oh my gawd, a new article on Burbed. Incredible.

    Seriously, life is getting in the way of daily updates. When things settle down the publishing schedule will get back to something more normal. Feel free to send in some guest posts if you miss the daily updates and are “here to help.”

  2. Steve Tyler Says:

    It would be fun to sail up and down the Bay and watch your house value change.

  3. maryjane Says:

    Aren’t these ‘houseboats’ really just floating double wides? The ones in Sausalito are always listed as ‘prefabricated’. They too sell for less than not a lot of money.

  4. AstroWallaby Says:

    I’m thinking you could fill the bedrooms with bunks to turn it into one of those hacker-dojo things; once all those brave young lads have MacBook-ed together their killer new idea for an e-Commerce sensation you hoist the sails and play pirate, ala the Crimson Permanent Assurance.

    (Obviously the first priority would be to lay siege to that Google barge. A ripe plum that would be…)

    “And so, they sailed off into the ledgers of history, one by one the financial capitals of the world crumbling under the might of their business acumen…”

  5. Steve Tyler Says:

    LOL, I love the idea of hacker houseboats laying siege to the Google barge! This needs to be a short story:

    “Yo ho, yo ho, a hacker’s life for me!” sang the nerds as they hoisted their cans of Mountain Dew. Suddenly the lookout, perched high in the upstairs office, shouted “Google barge, dead ahead!”

    The captain strode onto the deck/porch, pushed his glasses back on the bridge of his nose, and squeaked in a prepubescent voice, “Gentlemen, prepare to attack!”

    The geeks scrambled to their feet, grasping their toy lightsabers and bags of Cheetos …

  6. Marcia Says:

    What a truly awful place and the listing copy is nuts.

  7. microtherion Says:

    As water views go, this surely must beat living in a van down by the river, the price seems tolerable, and at least there is some originality to the whole thing. Not so sure what the smell of such a location would be like, but overall, is this really such a terrible deal?

  8. SiO2 Says:

    Thanks for the article Madhaus.

    There must be some dock fee, analagous to the land rent fee that mobilehomes pay.

    Would something like this appreciate over time, like a house could? The structure can only decay. I guess that if the dock fee is fixed, then the right to pay a fixed dock fee could have some increasing value over time. Until the dock gets redeveloped, which is happening to some other similar places in the peninsula. Then, Steve’s story comes true as the hackers search for a new dock.

    I suppose this has one advantage over a regular house. When the sea levels rise, it won’t be flooded. The owner can move it to PA and dock it over the flooded remains of Melissa Mayer’s home. And laugh, and laugh, and laugh.

  9. Dewane Says:

    Yaay, new copy!

    Slip fees are comparable to a space rental in a mobile home park, perhaps even less. This would be kind of a neat place to live for somebody, even with the propane heating and all.

    Maintenance on a boat will kill you though, you have to do maintenance on the hull and clean off the barnacles every…well sometimes. I actually kind of like it.

  10. AstroWallaby Says:

    #8: That’s a sadly poignant image, imagining Palo Alto 2084 as a WaterWorld-esque cluster of McMansion-sporting barges bobbing listlessly under a bloated red sun, each tied to a buoy anchored to the center of what was once a $5 million dollar 6000sq ft. lot. (The right to tie up to one of these buoys costs approximately 1.21 Gigabucks at this point, of course.)

    It goes without saying that said McMansions would be occupied by completely insufferable NIMBYs who commute to work in Tesla battery-powered speedboats and constantly complain about how any possible upgrade to CalTrains’ antiquated ekranoplan service will just ruin the “specialness” of their community.

  11. maryjane Says:

    Gee, I guess they’re really not making any more land. The realtors were right all along.

  12. nomadic Says:

    Space Rent: $760

    #4, is your quote from Monty Python? For some reason I’m picturing the scene where the buildings are sailing around Manhattan.

  13. AstroWallaby Says:

    #12: Indeed. (I figured that if anywhere would have an audience collectively be geeky enough to catch a semi-obscure Monty Python reference it would be Bay Area Real Estate blog but perhaps I miscalculated.) Search for “Crimson Permanent Assurance” on your favorite Web 2.9997alpha new economy content sharing collective and I’m sure you’ll find it.

    (Just mentally substitute iDevice-toting hipster web developers for the desperate, and reasonably violent, men in the film while viewing and you’ll have Twitter’s IPO.)

  14. nomadic Says:

    Yeah, AstroWallaby, everyone else probably recognized it and didn’t feel the need to comment on something “obvious.” I guess that puts me on the geek fringe.

  15. AstroWallaby Says:

    Eh, I’m part of the fringe demographic that actually makes references to Meaning of Life instead of Holy Grail so I’m sure it’s my fault. That or just wasn’t very funny. (Most likely explanation. Swing and a miss! *swoosh*)

  16. nomadic Says:

    Well, I think that quote has been sadly underused over the past five years. I’ll have to revisit that video.

  17. Prof. Bleen Says:

    Sure is radioactive in Redwood City judging from that photo.

    “The Crimson Permanent Assurance” first appeared as a short along with Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life. I believe Michael Palin has a cameo in it as a window cleaner.

  18. madhaus Says:

    And if that embed doesn’t work, just go here. Yes I caught the Python reference too; appreciated.

    Bleen! Great to see you again!

  19. Real Estater Says:

    Key question for the buyer is, can you see the Google barge?

  20. amer_icongrl Says:

    And should circumstances cause you to lose your houseboat (or you just need some drugs), you can always pop on over to the local homeless shelter at 1580 Maple Street.

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