November 15, 2013

Short ‘n Simple in San Jose

Thanks very much to Burbed reader Swan for ensuring we had some content today.

131114-crestview-redfin738 CRESTVIEW Dr
San Jose, CA 95117

3 Beds
2 Baths
1,481 Sq. Ft.
$530 / Sq. Ft.
Built: 1954
Lot Size: 6,660 Sq. Ft.
On Redfin: 2 days
Status: Active
Property Type: Detached Single Family
Stories: 1
County: Santa Clara
Style: Traditional
Community: Santa Clara
MLS#: 81340890

There are no remarks available.

Yeah, we’ve been having a month like that.  Now let’s check in with Swan:

Once you see the realtard’s photography skills and the homeowner’s interior decorating skills, you’ll understand why, "There are no remarks available."


Click a pic to embiggen.

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6 Responses to “Short ‘n Simple in San Jose”

  1. peanutbutter Says:

    Looks to me like the house has simply been lived in for a long time: That interior decor looks straight out of the 70’s with some 80’s bits thrown in. Still a hell of a lot more than I paid for a house that’s slightly larger than this one.

  2. nomadic Says:

    Between the pics and the lot size (6,660 sf), this listing would have been perfect for Halloween.

  3. sonarrat Says:

    I’m in the middle of a job search. After I land that six-figure salary at Twitter or whatever other San Francisco emerging tech giant I wind up at, I’ll be sure to contribute something.

  4. Swan Says:

    Oh good, now some remarks are available. Burbed is so helpful!

  5. No2Realtards Says:

    compared to Mountain View or Palo Alto, San Jose is a bargain. I saw a crapshack 1100 SF duplex next to me sell for 1.2 million and another one on the market by that. Even with rents, that would never cover the mortgage to make it a decent investment. People here are smoking crack to overpay for a box to live in.

  6. AstroWallaby Says:

    Wait, why isn’t the realtor babbling incoherently about how great it is that this house is so close to Valley Fair/Santana Row? Perhaps they were so excited that their communication skills were downgraded to “gesticulating wildly and flinging their own dung” whenever they tried to put the sheer fabulousity into words, leaving them no choice other than to let the map speak for itself.

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