June 20, 2014

SEO advice needed

Dear Burbed readers who have some free time this fine Friday,

What can this site do to improve its SEO-ness?


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  1. Skip Smith Says:

    Maybe bring a few more writers on board and do more frequent updates? Post slightly more in-depth stuff and post links on Reddit, etc?

  2. Formgirl Says:

    1) Consider developing SE0 relations with zillow (and others) as well as redfin;
    2) Hire an SEO guru to clickbait your sites up for “Bay Area real estate” (all) and/or + foreclosure + diy etc.
    3)Advertise on your site for writers/social media gurus to write and advertise specialty pieces. For example: How to buy property without a Realtor.
    I went to an open where the Realtor wouldn’t write me unless I signed her little friend (right there) as my agent to represent “my” interests. My interests? Not wasting $35000.
    And so forth.

  3. Formgirl Says:


    You can buy a house without an agent but you have to engage an attorney. I can see that once it transacts, but for the initial offers?
    Like I said, let them be there for those who still believe Realtors represent any “interests” except theirs.
    For the rest of us, we should be able to transact business.

  4. Lindsay Says:

    First off – I’m a huge fan of Burbed. I’ve been following you since I started working for Habilu (I write many of the blog posts for the Habilu blog).

    It looks like your blog is built on WordPress. I’ve been using the WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast and it is very helpful – it is easy to set up and walks you through things you can do to improve SEO on each of your posts.

    I think this plugin would be a good place to start for SEO.

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