August 11, 2014

Milpitas house with potential garage

Milpitas, CA 95035
$549,000 Price 
3 Beds 
1 Baths  1,122 Sq. Ft.
$489 / Sq. Ft.
Built: 1958 Lot Size: 5,922 Sq. Ft. On Redfin: 16 days Status: Active
This home has potential garage has been converted/with out warranty, no permits for additional, bedrooms Please don’t disturb tenants This is a Short Sale shows well.

Here at Burbed, sometimes it feels like we’ve just about everything.

And then there’s this.

The photo. Was this from a VHS tape shot while driving by? Why is it so blue? And… uh… why?

How does this house have a potential garage? Shouldn’t that be obvious?

But you know what?

This is exactly the kind of disruptive innovation we look for here in the Real Bay Area.

You had no choice but to stop and look at this listing – because it is the Purple Cow.

What will you do with this innovative listing?

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9 Responses to “Milpitas house with potential garage”

  1. Dewane Says:

    So, we finally bit the bullet and are buying a house in Milpitas, near the post office and Elmwood (closer to Elmwood than the Great Mall, which is my preference). The current owner grew up in the place and not exactly a short sale, I think they bought it for $55k. Even Milpitas is heating up, but we had a nuts realtor who really got us a good deal. The tax write-off will be nice, as will the garage for my motorcycle maintenance.

    Still good to check this site, because even stupid stuff is going for stupid money, and it makes me feel a little better. What’s your estimate when this thing will go pending?

  2. burbed Says:

    How does a nuts realtor work? Does he throw walnuts at the opposing realtor?

  3. Dewane Says:

    Nuts realtor: Buy Costco pistachios now or be priced out forever!

  4. nomadic Says:

    I would expect a nuts realtor to stalk the sellers and threaten their dog if they don’t accept a low offer.

    Or maybe they promised the sellers the new owners will feed the squirrels. (Remember that story from the last bubble?)

  5. Petsmart groomer Says:

    ‘murica: where one can get 3% of more than not a lot of money™ without knowing proper grammar.

  6. Dewane Says:

    Ha! Actually nomadic, that is pretty much what she did – came in with our offer, said “we are not going to do any of this counteroffer stuff, accept it and have this weekend off – no showing”. Surprisingly, it was accepted the next day. She owed my wife a favor, and (I found out later) she was going back to China the next week. The Realtor she was dealing with said “I’ve never done business this way before” a few times, but it worked for us, I think (truthfully, I smile, sign and initial things, and hope for the best – i don’t really know what’s going on a good deal of the time).

  7. burbed Says:

    Does this mean that you bought this house like 2 days after being on market? Was it even on the market?

  8. nomadic Says:

    When I bought my first house in California, my realtor used a very similar tactic, Dewane. But that was 2003, just as the market was beginning to recover after the dot-bomb.

    Good luck with the new house!

  9. Dewane Says:

    Um, maybe? It was shown on a Thursday for a few hours, and we made an offer that night and it was accepted,and we posted a deposit to Chicago Title the next day. Appears to be on Zillow and Redfin, so I guess it was officially listed. My wife was the one with the jones to buy (this is a first in realty, i know), but I’m fine with it.

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