September 8, 2014

Mountain View houses reach healthy price finally!

1453 LLOYD Way
Mountain View, CA 94040
$1,395,000 Price 
3 Beds 
2 Baths  1,246 Sq. Ft.
$1,120 / Sq. Ft.
Built: 1954 Lot Size: 5,160 Sq. Ft. On Redfin: 4 days Status: Active

Charming!! Hardwood floors new interior paint newer roof double pane windows! Light and bright w/ sunny southern exposure big lot, lots of grass to play Opportunity to update to your style! Prime location–quiet street–Top Los Altos schls, walk to coffee pharmacy bagels Castro St shops restaurants nightly entertainment library parks pool & Caltrain! Easy to downtown Los Altos and all of its events!

$1,120 per square foot!

Finally, Mountain View homes have reached the healthy price that they were destined to. And let’s be frank – this house offers so much, like the ability to “play Opportunity” to update to your style.

Can you think of any other homes that allow you to update them? It’s impossible!

It even has nightly entertainment library parks, and coffee pharmacy bagels! Yum, yum! Fusion cuisine at its best!

Let’s not forget all those downtown Los Altos events… such as…. (uh… could you please fill those in, in the comments section?)

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16 Responses to “Mountain View houses reach healthy price finally!”

  1. Petsmart groomer Says:

    > Let’s not forget all those downtown Los Altos events… such as…

    Corvette Spectacular is coming up soon (9/21).

  2. dollarbin Says:

    I’m just surprised an agent used the correct possessive form “its” It’s a miracle, must be those Top Los Altos schls

  3. Angelishique Says:

    I’m pretty sure he left out the apostrophe to save on perfunctory characters… 😛

  4. Angelishique Says:

    I mean superfluous! That’s what I get for trying to type comments and listen to a conference call a tthe same time.

  5. KikiSC Says:

    Wow. $1120sf. For a snout house. In my never-ending mental exercise “suck it up, remodel kitchen or just move?” the answer is becoming increasingly clear: a remodel is in my future. (My kitchen really is an abomination of design.) We – Californians, Bay Areans – are just not right in the head when it comes to property.

  6. Petsmart groomer Says:

    Redfie agent says “this aggressively priced home has a original kitchen and baths and in its original conditions and could use quite bit of upgrades.”

    $1.4M is aggressive?

  7. nomadic Says:

    Aggressive has a new meaning in a seller’s market.

  8. Alex Says:

    could use quite a bit of upgrades? LOL That’s quite an understatement. Buy now or be priced out forever!!

    Speaking of upgrades, I’m debating on building an expansion to my house (master suite of 600 sq ft) and relocating my kitchen. Roughly, what are the costs running these days?

  9. Single Pane Lass Says:

    Actually, this is indeed aggressive pricing, undoubtedly starting low to spark a bidding war. Similarly sized houses in Monta Loma are now selling for $1.4M (listing for $1.1) and Los Altos schools are undoubtedly better.

    This will probably fetch $1.7 or more.

  10. Petsmart groomer Says:

    Pending after 9 days. Based on the double-every-10-years Bay Area axiom, it should indeed fetch around $1.7M.

  11. BobZandi Says:

    Last Saturday Movoto, a real estate website named the top counties to live in California and Marin County came on top as number one.

  12. nomadic Says:

    I hate to break it to you, Bob, but no matter how many links to your site you post we still aren’t interested in Marin.

    But if you and Real Estater want to have a cage match over the relative merits of Marin vs. Palo Alto, count me in as a spectator! 🙂

  13. Jimmy Davis Says:

    Thanks for this! But I think it’s a little bit overpriced. I could get a penthouse singapore with that budget.

  14. dollarbin Says:

    Sorry Bob and Jimmy, despite your spammy links Mountain View ranks #3 on 24/7 Wall Street’s 50 best cities, and neither Marin or Singapore are anywhere on that list.

  15. Alex Says: is for me to poop.

  16. Consulting This Says:

    All mocking aside, it’s actually sold for $1.5M, more than $100K above asking. I suspect one of the reasons is that it’s mapped to Los Altos School District.

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