May 5, 2015

The average good house in San Mateo is now $4,028,170

These day it’s all about big home prices and big data. So let’s combine them! Some data that I got in my inbox:


Wow! Congrats to you San Mateo! $4M for an average good (>$1M) house!

Let’s keep it going! $5M next month? $6M? Where do you think prices are going?

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4 Responses to “The average good house in San Mateo is now $4,028,170”

  1. SPL Says:

    I think you’ll find the median price a bargain at just $2M and more reflective of the actual market minus the outliers at the very top.

  2. waiting_for_the_fall Says:

    There’s a modular home pending for nearly a million a few blocks from where I live, right off Highway 1.
    Two years ago, the place sold for 600k.
    It doesn’t make sense. The world’s gone mad.

  3. 2million$shack Says:

    San Jose made the top spot on MarketWatch today: San Jose’s median home price hits $900,000.

  4. Skip Smith Says:

    I’m going to keep Snapchatting pictures of my dong to everyone until it bursts the tech bubble and I can buy a place.

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