September 16, 2017

SF Median Home Price to Median Income Ratio: 10.8x

The Real Bay Area is simply firing on all cylinders!

Congrats to San Francisco Peninsula Metro for having a median home price/median income ratio of 10.8x.

Congrats to San Jose Metro for having a median home price/median income ratio of 7.8x

Suck it New York Metro with your paltry median home price/median income ratio of 5.8. Delete your account.

If we all pull together, we can drive this to 15x. What will you be doing this weekend to help increase the ratio further?

Comments (2) -- Posted by: burbed @ 6:05 am

2 Responses to “SF Median Home Price to Median Income Ratio: 10.8x”

  1. Tomas Says:

    Burbed – was lurking around old threads in Patnet & came across some of yours. All were filled with snark and angst about prices, so I came here to see how things went for you. Turns out, you are still (kinda) posting.

    Mind if I ask you, respectfully, what is the end game for you here? I too was priced out, but I eventually moved on, bought elsewhere and quit posting. Yet some people are still at it for now going on multiple decades.

    Not sure where I am going with this thought, but all I can say is I hope you find peace in this world.

  2. Dewane Says:

    Welcome back! We bought three years ago, against the advice of my mom, who is a reverse barometer of future events (the end of days didn’t happen in 1980, the market four years ago was not “at the top”, it was not a “great idea” to buy Internet stocks in 1999). Now, it’s extremely hard to move money out of China, yet we keep seeing this. My theory is that the rest of the country is so bad. We have a friend who might be buying in Houston, because houses there are at rock bottom currently.

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