November 28, 2017

Bubblicious Sunnyvale home sells for $780K over asking

Now this is ridiculous: $782,000 over asking for a house in Sunnyvale

The once modest community has become one of the Bay Area’s real estate hot spots

A house in Sunnyvale just sold for close to $800,000 over its listing price.
Your eyes do not deceive you: The four-bed, two-bath house — less than 2,000 square feet — listed for $1,688,000 and sold for $2,470,000.
“I think it’s the most anything has ever gone for over asking in Sunnyvale — a record for Sunnyvale,” said Dave Clark, the Keller Williams agent who represented the sellers in the deal. “We anticipated it would go for $2 million, or over $2 million. But we had no idea it would ever go for what it went for.”

$2.5M crapbox. In Sunnyvale. Really.

This house in Sunnyvale recently sold for $2,470,000 — nearly $800,000 above its asking price. Close to tech centers, once modest Sunnyvale has become one of Silicon Valley’s real estate hot spots. (Courtesy/Dave Clark and Keller-Williams)

This delightful news is from a couple months back, but why not savor this wonderful event? This house sold for more than “not a lot of money” over the overly modest asking price. Remember when asking prices were called “wishing prices” back in 2009? If amazing results like this keep happening, we’ll have wishing prices back even sooner than you think!

Discuss among yourselves.

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13 Responses to “Bubblicious Sunnyvale home sells for $780K over asking”

  1. A. Lewis Says:

    First? Miss you all at Burbed. If this is what’s happening in Sunnyvale, how much are houses going for in Palo Alto (you know, the good parts, not on a busy street, etc.)?

  2. madhaus Says:

    Ohai A! (You don’t mind if I call you A, do you?) Admit it, you’ve missed Burbed. I sure have. Let us know how the the East Bay is pricing everyone our forever.

    Palo Alto… $2.7M median, $5M Old Palo Alto median. Breaks my heart.

  3. burbed Says:

    This is indeed ridiculous. Why isn’t this house at $3.5M?

    The “Better Cupertino” advocacy group needs to step up their game and be more successful and blocking homes from being built in ALL Bay Area cities, not just cities adjacent to Cupertino.

  4. A. Lewis Says:

    You can call me A :-). Just don’t call me late for an open house in Menlo Park with free food!

    The East Bay just struggles to keep up with the Peninsula. I mean, you could have the house featured in this post for a mere $1M in my neck of the woods. Only $1M for a perfectly boring middle class home built over 50 years ago with no special features, and maybe an obstructed view of the Richmond bridge through power lines and trees. That’s value!

    I keep watching house buying programs on HGTV in other parts of the country, and when they show the prices, I’m like “Is that for the parking spaces?”.

  5. Real Estater Says:

    Can you really put a price on the privilege of being within a 3 mile orbit of the Apple Spaceship campus?

  6. DreamT Says:

    The overbid amount is about what we paid to live on what is now 1 mile away from Apple Park… Money is cheap and plentiful these days, and inventory scarcer than ever. Word is that with Google’s expansion in San Jose, we ain’t seen nuthin yet.

  7. DreamT Says:

    The price makes more sense when you consider the lot is 13k sqf and in the back of a court.
    The next lot is 8547 sqf, those on the next street west are all between 7k sqf and 8k sqf.
    Ultimately in the RBA, land rather than improvements drives the price.

  8. Real Estater Says:

    DreamT, the caveat here is that you’re on the dark side of the Apple campus that is NOT in 94087.

  9. ed Says:

    As someone who works in SV I can say with certainty that I really can’t stand hardly any of the areas around it. Not only is horribly congested with even the shortest of trips taking forever but then the overall atmosphere and attitude there feels stuffy and fake. Lots and lots of Teslas, Porsches, BMWs and other luxury cars, and most of the cities these areas reside within totally gentrified with no charm whatsoever.

    Yes- I get it. You pay more to live closer to work. But if where the office exists also kind of sucks then whats the point? I usually cannot wait to get out of there and go back to the east bay.

  10. Real Estater Says:

    Ed, you would expect to see a lot of Teslas because they build it on the East Bay!

    What is charm to you? 60’s ranch houses with a Sienna parked in front?

  11. madhaus Says:

    But Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, even most of Mountain View is exactly that: 50s and 60s ranch houses with Siennas parked in front.

    We keep our Teslas in the garage, thank you. Why would you park a 6 digit vehicle on the driveway?

  12. Real Estater Says:

    When your home is valued at over $1600 per sf, you don’t use your land to park a mere 6 figure vehicle.

  13. Real Estater Says:

    Burbed needs a new post on the Republican tax reform bill, because it will surely bring many benefits to the Bay Area. The high income earners will have more discretionary income to buy new Teslas and shop at Santana Row. The spending will then trickle down to everyone. By capping mortgage deductions, more people will be priced out forever, which ensures only the truly deserving cash buyers will be able to move into our neighborhoods. It will also cause more people to become long term renters, which is great for the rental market and rental property owners.

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