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You should. Every once in a while we add some new content to them. F’rinstance early this morning we added this one. Here’s a few examples. Have fun over there.  Titles exclusively ours, of course.

Thanks very much to Burbed reader SL in SVL for alerting us to this tumblr.

Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife


Museum Quality Listing


When a cellphone camera is Insufficient


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January 2, 2011

The Decline and Fall of the Real Estate Bubble Site

It’s 2011, and Burbed is still here.  Not every real estate site can say the same thing.

Simply checking the blogroll links at right shows that a number of bubblicious blogs have either shut down entirely or exist in suspended animation, with the most recent post made months or even years ago.

This article from the old bubble days links to us right at the head of the California blog section.  It’s a 2007 list of 750 real estate blogs from every state in the Union, from a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania property blog.  How many of these 750 are still updated regularly?  How many are shut down completely?

Say goodbye, or at least maybe later, to these California sites on the list:

  • Grow-a-Brain (Riverside), which called itself “The original real estate blog,” abandoned January, 2010.  Blogged every day for 7 years, now blogging about his new baby.
  • Making a Killing in Real Estate – Killed.
  • Riverside Realtor Blog – Abandoned December 2007.
  • Sunny Spot Realty – Moved to new site, but only the newest post is accessible.
  • Laguna Niguel Real Estate Blog – 404
  • The Real Estate Blog (Los Angeles) – Essentially abandoned in April, 2010
  • San Francisco Real Estate – Abandoned this year by February with last post in August.  They had an interesting piece in May on how Google affects SF rental stock.
  • Southern California Real Estate Blog – Changed name to Long Beach Real Estate Insights and slowly dying; 5 real estate-related posts between March and September.
  • Desert Homes Today – Deserted
  • Eco-Almanac for the Landed Poor (San Diego) – Better known as Professor Piggington’s this highly-respected bubble site is now only updated once every two weeks with links from Voices of San Diego.
  • Southern California Real Estate Bubble Crash – Moved and now only updated every few weeks.  The owner “Chuck Ponzi” explains it’s because he bought a house (yes, it was a foreclosure) plus arrival of third child.  He says they were renters for six years because he sold their house in 2004 for being “overvalued.”  This was a thoughtful site whose only weakness was failure to link to us.  I like this graphic.
  • SF Home Blog – Evicted
  • The Oakland Real Estate Blog – Probably arson, because nothing left standing
  • San Diego Real Estate Blog / Peter Toner – Appears to be more current than it is by clever decision to leave dates off home page.  Articles appear in bursts when new writer is brought in.  One post for December 2010.
  • LA Real Estate – Lots of green.  So green.  So very, very, very green.
  • Rey Estate – The King is Dead.
  • VF Consulting’s Real Estate Blog (Los Angeles) – Last post, August 2010.
  • In the Trenches (Kevin Boer) – Buried
  • Sacramento Land(ing) – Last real (rather than automatic) post was October 2009.
  • Square Feet Blog (Silicon Valley/Mercury News) – Last post October 27th, killed by SJ Mercury News rather than by blogger Sue McAllister. 
  • Cameron Novak’s Real Estate Blog (Corona) – Last entry, January 2010.  Another ironic final post.
  • Beach City Blog (Long Beach) – Last entry, March 2007.  Only 2 entries, wonder why it made the list in the first place.
  • Orange County Real Estate News (Daniel Realty) – Last entry May, 2010, last regular series of posts, July 2009. In yet another whistle in the dark, this realtard not only calls bottom a year and a half ago, but makes his eight-grade English teacher cry.
  • America’s Most Opinionated Mortgage Broker – Appears to have gotten into a more profitable business: selling Japanese women’s clothing
  • Sacramento Real Estate News – Now a RE/MAX site called  News no longer welcome or wanted.
  • HomesMax Bay Area Real Estate (Alameda & Contra Costa) – Last entry, June 2007: Open House Bandits Captured.  Goes real well with this entry about home sellers who accused the blogger or his clients of stealing a watch from their house.
  • Condocontessa San Francisco Real Estate (South Beach SF) – Last entry, July 2008.  St. Paul, MN native reinvented herself as contessa of real estate while posting in bursts and then ignoring site for months at a time.
  • Burbank life, filmmaking, and real estate – Two out of three ain’t bad
  • El Dorado and Amador County Real Estate – Now called Placerville Real Estate, last entry, July 2008.  This agent kept a Sacramento real estate blog going, though.
  • Maury Properties – It’s kind of blank.
  • Berkeley Homes – Last entry, January 2010.  The blog is about Berkeley rather than real estate (despite being the creation of a couple of agents), and has a lot of broken image links.  Other links on the page will take you to their real estate content.  This is also the only real estate site I’ve ever seen with what appears to be, but isn’t, a David Lance Goines-designed logo.
  • Lending Clarity – Clearly taken over a week ago by someone who has nothing to do with California real estate.  Can anyone figure out what the new blog is about?  There are six articles on it: raw dog food, nandina plants, article submission and SEO, syncing files among several devices, HVAC valves and moving services in New Jersey.
  • OC Prudent Bear (Huntington Beach) – Last entry, November 2009.  Blogger bought a house in Huntington Beach in September, 2009, so that might have something to do with the
    death of this housing bear site.
  • Starboard TCN (Bay Area Commercial RE) – While there are current posts, site is updated are more by the month than the week.  Plenty of posts in 2005.
  • Your Real Estate Voice – has been gagged
  • Jackie’s SF Real Estate Blog – Last entry, October 2010.  In fact, this is the only entry.  Where did her blog go?  No sign of it, except this fawning puff piece from NAR about why you should be just like Jackie and create a real estate blog.  It seems, like our vanquished rival Luba,(and her abandoned blog that she shamelessly hustled attempting to win a Zillow award) Jackie has moved to Facebook.
  • Real Estate Blog for Palo Alto, Mountain View, California and Surrounding Communities – That’s a mouthful, and the latest post is from October.  The second latest is from May. This was no high-volume blog, where 6 posts a month was a record.
  • Relocation A to Z (Carlsbad) – Another Realtown blog (as the awkwardly named mouthful above is), with six posts this month and very few earlier this year.  The agent running it used to post almost daily back in the glory bubble days.  In April 2008, his personal bubble popped and updates went to weekly or less.
  • Rancho Santa Margarita Homes and Lifestyles – Last entry, December 2008.  Another agent who would post tremendous amounts and then not show up for months.
  • Remodeling Blog by Elegant Kitchen Cabinets (San Carlos) – Whoops, all the cabinets ripped out.  Nothing new since 2008, anyway.  Who would have predicted kitchen porn would suffer from a housing downturn?
  • PopCasa – Mi casa es no casa
  • LA Land – Defunct LA Times blog that now links to its business section (and not even the real estate page).

How many of the California blogs are still in business (updates at least once a week): 19.  Out of 63.

Among the still posting most days sites, don’t be in the least bit surprised that one is called The Mortgage Fraud Blog.  Also, I have to call out Sacramento Real Estate Voice for one of the most honest assessments of how 2010 went for anyone still in the real estate industry.

And of the 750 blogs in that list,I took a quick spot check by counting up six states (AL, CT, ID, KS, NV, WI).  How many of their blogs are still going?

  • Still publishing: 7, plus 2 that moved from originally listed sites
  • Dying on the IP with less than a new post a month: 7
  • Abandoned (last post more than a year ago, most untouched since ‘08): 13
  • Dead: 6
  • Private access only: 1

Actually you absolutely must check out this abandoned Las Vegas blog that I found in doing the spot-check.  The last entry is perfect.

In addition, here are a few more sites Burbed recommended that have departed us, alas:

  • Bubbletrack (San Diego County)
  • East Bay Housing Bubble
  • Housing Bubble Casualty
  • Jim Kunstler  — moved HERE (see below)
  • Patrick – still there, just a bad link (see below)
  • View From Silicon Valley – Sigh, this nicely done blog covering renting and buying woes just went pfft… The blogger used to comment here to mention new pieces were up, but never stuck around to chat.

Here’s a couple more sites I remember that have left us as well.

  • Central Coast Bubble
  • The Original LA Land

And some sites that stopped updating or tapering off, not already covered above (no links if already in the blogroll):

  • Another F@cked Borrower – Last entry, March 2009.  Straight-talk about how bad it was, written by a mortgage “insider”
  • Bakersfield Bubble – Blogger has enough in January 2009 and posted a May ‘09 local “expert” calling bottom
  • Bay Area Housing Bubble – Last entry, August 2010.  Written by Doug in Alamo, with almost all the latest posts obsessed with… gold.  The blog ran from January ‘06 until last year.
  • Bubble Markets Inventory Tracking – The San Diego bubble site that named names and hid from angry agents ended up going to invited guests only.  The only real estate site with an anti-SLAPP warning on the front page.  Alas, the last past was in October 2009.
  • Real Estate San Francisco – Mr. Front Steps writes a blog, abandons it in July 2009
  • Home Girl – East Bay real estate – tapering off since blogger decided instead of writing about real estate she’d sell it.
  • Housing Panic – Attitudinal bubble site stopped updating in November, 2008, with an update 2 weeks ago that says, I kid you not, THE TIME TO BUY IS NOW.  Blogger went on to a new site, Soot and Ashes, only to abandon it in April, 2010.  Last few posts were getting pretty fried at Tea Party members.
  • Knifecatchers (Alameda) – A recent entry just 3 weeks ago, but posting is sporadic.  Definitely snarky, and they’re reading us.
  • Marin Real Estate Bubble – Last entry, December 2009. 
  • Marin POS Blog – Last entry, August 2009 but it was done by the end of 2006.  Now this was a snarky blog for the Land of Mellow, and I’m sorry the writer lost interest.  Yes, POS stands for exactly what you think it stands for.  This is the site that called an Eichler what it needs to be called: Ickler
  • Mr, Mortgage – ML Implode – Why you’re screwed.  Last post, January 2009.  Says he was moving the site.  He already had moved once, from here in 2008.  Mark Hanson seems to like moving his blog, as he posted here for a few months, and then here… abandoning that one too.  Maybe he just can’t get along with anybody.
  • Property Lines (SF) – Not updated much last 2 years. 
  • Rancid Truth – Orange County Real Estate Blog – Last entry, July 2010.  The title says it all: definitely a dollop of acid in those home descriptions.
  • Sacramento Landing – Mentioned above, it’s dying.
  • Santa Barbara Housing Bubble Blog – Last entry, June 2008.
  • San Mateo Home Sellers in Trouble – Specific breakdown of financial ruin on San Mateo county properties, with last update in September, 2009.  The blogger’s main site, The Baglady, still updates occasionally, but not much specific about real estate.
  • Silicon Valley Real Estate Blog – This is the site that won Zillow’s best real estate blog in San Jose.  Obviously they won it because our fans only nominated us for one region (yeah, we won too).  At least this site posts something once a month or so, unlike a certain agent in San Francisco.  What is it with the other entrants in this contest?  The San Jose runner up isn’t updating much either.
  • Sonoma Housing Bubble – Last entry, October 2008.  Noticing a pattern?

Let’s leave you with some good news.  Not only is Burbed still here, these sites are still here too, and if you haven’t given them a look, please wander on over.  Bonus: some of them aren’t in the blogroll yet!

These blogs are generalist real estate sites, follow a market outside the Real Bay Area or don’t follow places within commuting distance of it.  But that’s okay.  Reading them reminds us why It’s Special Here!

  • Bubble Info – Jim Klinge (Jim the Realtor) – North San Diego real estate.  Useful information without sugar-coating from an actual real estate agent.
  • Bubble Meter – National housing bubble blog.   Among other recent news items, price stagnation until 2014.  Oh boy!
  • Charles Hugh Smith – Of Two Minds – Economics and Markets affect YOU
  • Dr. Housing Bubble – Southern California implosion site, including recurring feature “Real Homes of Genius.”
  • Housing Bubble Blog – Nationwide – Everyone thinks its’ Special there.  Unfortunately most days are just comment collectors.  This site used to have bubble news from all over every day.  No easy archive links, either.
  • Housing Bubble Hall of Shame – Last entry was a month ago. Features homes with vanishing equity, strategic mortgage walkers, plus people with too much educational deb.  Not a blog you’d use the word “kind” to describe.  They link to us. ‘Nuff said.
  • Housing Doom – Still there, still sharing bad news.
  • Housing Kaboom – Inland Empire bubble site – Owner took a brief break but is hopefully back to keeping us updated.  High snark factor, little respect for real estate professionals.  What a shame.
  • Housing Opportunity Index from NAHB, new reports released when they want.
  • Irvine Housing Blog – Mouth gapes open in sheer amazement as borrower after borrower maxed out their home equity and property values dropped 40%.  If you only read one bubble site, read this one.
  • Jim Kunstler – This is the guy who called the whole housing crash.  Everyone at the time said he was nuts.
  • Long Beach Housing Blog – Real Estate in the LBC –  Snark meets rude in a Long Beach bubble site that never met an editor calling for a 500 word limit.  This site is one of the few real estate blogs funnier than Burbed.
  • Mortgage Lender Implode-O-Meter – Bad News Every Day!  Former home of Mr. Mortgage.
  • Portland Housing Blog – Oregon – In-depth coverage of Portland and national real estate trends.  A good place to get sense of how out-of-whack our prices and economy are with almost everywhere else on the planet.
  • Santa Monica Distress Monitor – The post-bubble site that says “This place is Special, don’t expect any bargains!”  Sound familiar?
  • Seattle Bubble – Includes monthly “Actual Listing Photos” feature sent in by readers.  At Burbed you only get to enjoy crappy real estate photography one house at a time!

And let’s finish up this post with the local sites still going into 2011!

  • Altos Research Blog – Analysis that only a graph geek could love, and so much of it!  A national site right in our back yard.
  • Cupertino Housing Blog – It hasn’t listed a house for sale since July, but it’s still being updated with various news clips related to housing, the economy, and the occasional Cupertino Schools piece.  Then again, it missed a huge CUSD item: Eisenhower and Stocklmeir elementary schools are now holding lotteries for admission… for the people who live in their attendance zones.  (And as to why I don’t list the blog who caught that item?  If they can’t be bothered to date their entries, that means they’re trying to hide how few they have.  11 for all of last year… color us not impressed.)
  • Flippers in Trouble – Sacramento – If you crave watching red ink spill, you’ll love this site. 
  • Healdsburg Housing Bubble (Sonoma County) – Looks like I’m late to the party.  This excellent site is winding down as of this week.  Blogger ran it for a year because he couldn’t stand all the misinformation put out by the real estate industry.  Clearly influenced by some of our favorite sites, and enough useful information that the major econ blogs linked to it.
  • On the BlockThe San Francisco Chronicle still has a real estate blog, unlike the Merc or the LA Times.
  • Patrick.netThe site for bubble news.  Unrelenting negativity will convince you now is the time to burn your house down for the insurance money and go live in a refrigerator box.  Or at least now is the time to sell.  Warning: owner is running a pledge drive.
  • Redfin SF – Bay Area Sweet Digs, this is Redfin’s local updates and stats, stats, stats!
  • San Francisco Real Estate Blog – Bill Quick’s take on the market.  Appropriately snarky yet informed.
  • SF Curbed – A little more on the gossip than the SF Real Estate Blog, nice pictures, plenty of useful info in the comments, too. 
  • SocketSite – The third of the trio of informative San Francisco blogs and probably the most informative.  Quite frankly one of these three should have won best real estate blog in SF and we should have gotten the nod for San Jose.
  • The Front Steps – Another SF site, and why no updates in three weeks? When you blog in your mom’s basement, you don’t get a whole month off!

And that site crowing over 750 real estate blogs?  Their last entry was Valentine’s Day, 2009, expressing relief that Pittsburgh wasn’t named one of Forbes’ Ten Most Miserable Cities.

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