June 14, 2008

Pair arrested on charges of running brothels in Cupertino, San Jose – San Jose Mercury News

Pair arrested on charges of running brothels in Cupertino, San Jose – San Jose Mercury News
The bust last week of two alleged brothel operators accused of setting up shop in Cupertino and San Jose was the result of months of careful investigation, Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department officials said today.

Deputies arrested Man Hing Tam, 43, of San Francisco, and Ying Ting Lam, 43, of San Jose, on June 5 after a four-month investigation.

While brothels aren’t uncommon in Santa Clara County, investigating them can be difficult because owners tend to move their base of operation often, Sgt. Mike Paresa said.

“We often find out that they stay in a place for two months or so and then move,” he said.

In this case, deputies believe that Tam and Lam worked together running a brothel in two different locations around Cupertino – first on Via Paviso and then near the city’s border with San Jose on Buckingham Road.

But more importantly:

Paresa said about five women allegedly worked as prostitutes for Lam and Tam. Investigators do not believe that any of the women were forced into prostitution or were sex slaves.

This is another example of government interfering with Silicon Valley entrepreneurship! Haven’t they heard? This is Brothel 2.0!

What really disappoints me is that this took place in townhouses. I was sure that this was what was going on in this house:

(Thanks to Madhaus for the find.)

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January 31, 2007

Pamela Drive: Prostitution and Condos

One of Burbed’s favorite streets is Pamela Drive. In the last post on this street, this was the status of the 3 condos that are being tracked:

Well, it turns out that some other activites have been happening on Pamela Drive:

Mountain View Voice: Crime Watch (January 26, 2007)
Prostitution, 200 block Pamela Dr., 1/12

Police went undercover to investigate a business claiming to provide massages. Officers conducted a search of the premises and arrested three people on charges of prostitution and providing massages without permits. The suspects are from San Jose, Saratoga and Daly City.

So here’s the question: Will this help or hurt the price of these condos?

Are these condos currently a fair $465 per square foot because of the benefit of living near such facilities? Or would they be $600 per square foot (typical for Silicon Valley) if they weren’t?

What do you think?

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