September 6, 2008

Just 4 homes at Gables End!

OH MY GOD! There’s only 4 homes left! They’re not making any more! This is it guys – if you don’t buy one right now, you’ll never be able to afford living near Google again!

And to think that some of you said this recently:

buckborden Says:
August 15th, 2008 at 5:39 pm

Those “sold” signs are faked to make sucker buyers think that sales are brisk and to promote sucker sales. A friend and I noticed four “sold” signs in the windows of several units of a new townhome complex near his place in San Jose, and when we asked the guy in the office how come nobody is moving in, he got really evasive and said that was not public knowledge. So I inquired myself down at City Hall, and much to my (un)surprise…..the signs were faked; there were zero sales recorded since the place opened three months ago! I told the office guy there was no record of sales AT ALL for his complex, and he got really angry then. I still haven’t seen ANYBODY move into any of the units. We are thinking of changing the “Now Selling” sign out front to “NOT SELLING.”

Can you say “Fall Bounce”?

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