June 28, 2013

Make this 6 BR house into a 6 BR retreat and please buy it already

We’re taking another drive by Redwood City this week, but this time we’re headed for the hills. Emerald Hills, that is. Or Cordilleras Heights, depending on which realtard portal you choose.  Thanks very much to Burbed reader laurenatuw for this find somewhere in the Woodside zip code. 

130627-california-redfin645 CALIFORNIA Way
Redwood City, CA 94062

9 Beds
6 Baths
3,100 Sq. Ft.
$548 / Sq. Ft.
Built: 2007
Lot Size: 0.32 Acres
On Redfin: 22 days
Status: Active
Property Type Detached Single Family
Community: Cordilleras Heights
MLS#: 81319700

Best lot in Emerald Hills. Excellent location. 3100 sq foot main house and guest house with additional 579 sq feet. Great possibilities await you. Make it into a 6 bedroom retreat.

130627-california-livingUnfortunately for us, we were unable to find the interesting photos that laurenatuw must have seen when sending this in:

wow, a gem

3100 square foot main house is apparently not big enough to have a couch that wouldn’t block the door.

and maybe they are simply suggesting projects by the abundance of remodel supplies in the pics: tractor, ladder, random plywood, traffic cone – its practically a where’s waldo of construction items hiding in a 1.7mill listing

Alas no remodeling supplies in the current pictures. And for 3100 feet of main house they’re being awfully skimpy on the photos, because here are the other two.


Fortunately, there are always some sites our there that take their sweet time updating listings.  Today we’re featuring a new one for you: HomeSwing.  (Wow, that sounds kind of sleazy, doesn’t it?  Maybe they arrange key parties.)

For Sale › California › Redwood City › 94062

130627-california-homeswing645 California Way
Redwood City, CA 94062
FOR SALE $1,680,000

  • $8,738/month
  • 9 Bedrooms
  • 6.0 Bathrooms
  • 3100 sq ft
  • Built 2007
  • Single-Family Home

Big Price Reduction. Beautiful Emerald Hills. Expansive 4 yr old home – 9 bdrms, 6 full bath. Main house 3100 sq ft & Guest house is additional 579 sq ft. 14000 sq ft Corner Level lot w/RV access & Electric gate. Backyard is large enough for a pool. (Pool plans already apprvd by design review board)

Property Highlights
  • San Mateo County
  • 9 Bedrooms
  • 130627-california-patio6.0 Bathrooms
  • Finished: 3100 sq ft
  • Built 2007
  • Geo Coordinates: 37.457, -122.276
  • ZIP: 94062
  • Days On Homeswing: 647

Wait, what… 647 days on market?  Unfortunately HomeSwing is leaving out some useful information, such as the MLS ID number so we could see just how old this listing is. But the 2011 copyright on the photos offer us a free clue.  (As do the exact same photos cached from California Moves, along with the MLS ID of #40541748.  As opposed to the other MLS ID of #40617479. Neither of which start with Lucky #8, so they’re probably dangerous.)

130627-california-couchThen we found a different couch blocking the door.

There was also a completely different random view from the second floor than in the most recent set of (only 4) pix. 

Plus a photo of the fence, in case you were worried there weren’t any.  Fences.

We’re sorry we couldn’t find the construction equipment scavenger hunt, but while we’re not finding any, feel free to predict just what the correct price level is to induce the proper overbidding.  This agent is off to a great start raising the price $20K on a house that didn’t sell in two years.


Bunus: Did you make your best price estimate? See how well you tracked Zillow’s Zestimates! They didn’t think this house was appreciating very quickly. It must have been built in one of those Not Actually In The Real Bay Area portions of an otherwise RBA zip code.


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February 26, 2013

UPDATED: AOL tries being Burbed for a day: Let your imagination run wild


Updated 11:30 AMSecond house found; see end for details and plenty of pix!

AOL has been doing a real estate area for a while, including a series of videos and articles beyond the listings and search tools. Someone over there must have been reading us, because they did a piece discovering that (gasp!) there are very expensive yet definitely crappy houses for sale in the Real Bay Area.  Worse, they had the gall to call this an “AOL original.”

Have they been living under a rock? This has been our signature claim for more than seven years! Let’s listen in as self-important talking heads who don’t bother introducing themselves tell us what we already know.  (Warning: dude with beard is extra smug.)


M’kay.  There’s some really useless accompanying text, so our mission is to do a slightly better job.  Remember, it’s fairly easy to succeed when you set your standards this low.

Decrepit Homes in San Francisco Bay Area Fetch Top Dollar for Mountain Views

130225-aol-rwcBy AOL Real Estate Editors | Posted Feb 21st 2013 5:14PM

A sorry-looking shack, with deep cracks in the cinder-block walls and busted windows, that looks like it’s ready to collapse: You wouldn’t pay a dime for that, would you? OK, say it’s nestled in the gorgeous hilltops of the San Francisco Peninsula with no shortage of pristine mountain views. Now how much would you pay? More than $1 million? Well, that’s how much it’s going for.

130225-aol-wgWe’ve probably violated Fair Use by quoting an entire graf, because there’s only one more.  There’s also only two homes in the video, and only the more than $1 million OMFG Emerald Hills (Redwood City) place (shown above in a clip from the video) has mountain views.  The other (at left, also clipped from the video) is in Willow Glen, and didn’t seem to have any views beyond the neighborhood street.

We were able to find the place in Emerald Lake in about 3 minutes, and it definitely could use a big ol’ Burbed sloppy kiss, Of course it’s already pending.  This is the Real Bay Area we’re talking about!

130225-lakeview-redfin209 LAKEVIEW Way
Redwood City, CA 94062

3 Beds
2 Baths
1,490 Sq. Ft.
$856 / Sq. Ft.
Built: 1948
Lot Size: 0.38 Acres
On Redfin: 207 days
Property Type: Detached Single Family
View: Mountains
County: San Mateo
Stories: 1
Community: Cordilleras Heights
MLS#: 81228879

Incredible opportunity in Emerald Hills. Originally three lots under two APN#’s (APN #057-031-480 and APN #057-031-049) which have been combined into one lot at approximately 25,150 SF. The value is in the land and the views of the surrounding hills with easy access to 280. Walk the site and let your imagination run wild. Dream big and build new or renovate. Plans are available for viewing.

130225-aol-wg-kitchenWe didn’t have the same success in finding the Willow Glen weedery.  This one is similar to it (Craftsman style bungalow, over 12,000 square foot lot, to be sold as-is) but we don’t think it’s the right house.  Can any enterprising Burbed readers find the house in the video? 

Update: House in video found by Burbed reader Chris. See end of this article for details and photos. We’ll also throw in a break as this is starting to get long, so click on through!


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November 20, 2011

Moo-ha-ha-ha! Burbed’s Most Loved Series EVER!

Yes, we’re back with Northern California places on the Forbes most expensive zip code list.  As you get ready for Thanksgiving, one thing you can give thanks for this Thursday is that this all-time favorite series (if by “favorite” I actually mean “causes excited readers to fling household appliances”) only runs on Sundays.  That means it’s at least another seven days until the next installment!  If you missed the last ones, you’ll want to catch up RIGHT AWAY so you are completely up on every aspect:

Also, beginning Friday will be Burbed’s Black Friday Sales!  That’s where we scour the Real Bay Area in search of the best bargains out there for you.  While you may not be able to afford the most expensive house in the most expensive zip codes, maybe you can afford one on the other extreme!

And now, the Top 100 of the Bottom 300 Most Expensive Zip Codes in the Country: This is Fourth Tier: Under a Million Median Means Middleclass Metroplex.  Or the shorter version: Forbes screwed up again.

#212: Redwood City 94062

  • Median Home Price: $998,975
  • Median Price Change: -11.9%
  • Average Days On Market: 200 118
  • Inventory: 118 76
  • Rank in 2010: #185 (-27 spots )
  • Most Expensive Home: $3.6 Million $3.45 Million (610 Edgewood Road)

imageOne of the few shared zips to survive Forbes and Altos Research’s data parsing, the most expensive zip in Redwood City is shared with tony Woodside, California.  But you won’t find movers and shakers like Larry Ellison in Redwood City.

What you will find is this house, complete with Mawbul Kawlums, at a Woodside Price on a busy arterial that feeds I-280!  The owners have been trying to sell it since 2009, no doubt because its neighborhood of “High School Acres” fails to evoke wealth, exclusivity, or prestige.  Maybe they should rename it “Prep School Prospects” and see if that does the trick.

More exciting Zip Code ZAwesomeness after the break!  More! More! More!


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September 24, 2011

Emerald Hills Haircuts!

Everybody can find some poor fool losing a Lexus or BMW worth of money on their unfortunate adventures in home-ownership. But in the rarefied air surrounding Emerald Lake Hills in Redwood City, you can turn the dream of home ownership into the nightmare of losing 5-10 years of average tech worker salary. Make sure to whisper as we talk about these gems as we wouldn’t want the current buyers to figure out they caught a knife just yet! Let that be an unpleasant surprise for them in a few years.
White hot?  Nope.  Dripping red?  Yes.

This timeless termite-group-hugger finally sold with only a year or so on the market after getting the burbed treatment. Yep, it’s a white hot real estate market for those of you with your own giant puddle to call 1/9th your own. It sold for only $700k (give or take $10k) under the original wishing price! That’s an entire HOUSE in Slummyvale!

But if you’re worried that’s not a REAL haircut, just a dreamer being rudely disabused of his or her little fantasy, let’s take a peak buyer’s banker’s pain and put it on display… a $386k haircut for the bank! There were two loans, so two banks dueled it out to see who would spill the most blood on THAT deal. I’m sure that Pyrrhic victory left the bank feeling like a million bucks!

Too pedestrian? Don’t worry, people with real skin in the game and a much higher price point joined in the blood letting with anot-a-lot-of-money loss of a half million and change. The good news is the sellers stuck to their guns and squeezed and extra $412 bucks for their little slice of hemorrhaging-cash-like-a-diarrhea-afflicted-elephant-heaven. I’m sure that took the sting off of it.Do it for the children!

Yes, there are many ways to lose your mASSarati in Emerald Hills real estate! Come join the party!

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November 18, 2010

This house appreciated 85% this year–how much will it appreciate for you?

Beds: 3
Baths: 3
Sq. Ft.: 2,480
$/Sq. Ft.: $967
Lot Size: 1.23 Acres
Property Type: Detached Single Family
Stories: 1
View: Mountains
Year Built: 1973
Community: Emerald Hills Area
County: San Mateo
MLS#: 81049540
Source: MLSListings
Status: ActiveThis listing is for sale and the sellers are accepting offers.
On Redfin: 34 days
Five minutes from downtown Woodside, this extensively remodeled 3 bedroom 3 bath home offers spacious, light filled rooms, magnificent views and quality finishes. The grounds consist of manicured lawn areas, patio and new landscaping. The approximately 1300 sf remodeled guest quarters provide an open kitchen and living room, full bath and two bonus rooms. 3 car garage.

Thanks to Burbed reader A.L. for this great find!

Here’s what A.L. had to say:

Look at this flip. Looks like a 100K renovation, but doubled the $1M+ price!

Well, that’s curious. Let’s check out the history:


Holy moley! If this house appreciated 85% for the current owner this year alone, how much will this house appreciate for you next year?

My god… this house might be a trillion dollars by the end of the next decade! Put that sleeping money of yours into this property, and let it ride! Let it RIDE!

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July 23, 2009

Affordable housing in Woodside – this house is cheap!

633 Southdale Way, Woodside, CA 94062 – Zillow
633 Southdale Way Woodside CA 94062

For Sale: $695,000


3 beds, 1.0 baths, 1,140 sq ft
Seller Facts:

* 3 beds
* 1.0 bath
* 1,140 sqft
* Lot 37,897 sqft
* Built in 1937

Knoll top setting in Emerald Hills area of Woodside. House is in very poor condition and needs lots of work before it can be used. Do not enter property without appt.

Thanks to Burbed reader Herve for this find. It’s Herve week!

I always get confused – is Emerald Hills in Redwood City or is it in Woodside? Most online maps say Redwood City.

It’s a big difference! If this is indeed in Woodside, then the affordable housing problem is solved. Just look at this deal!

If this house is in Redwood City, then… uh… maybe not. It’s still a pretty good deal and its consistent in condition with many other houses in the city.

Any area experts what to help clarify the territory?

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