June 24, 2012

Brick by brick, row by row, building homes this way is slow

The fun-loving folks at Movoto have an interesting calculator to think about.  How long would it take you to build an exact replica of your house out of LEGO? 

Well, no, not being from the Real Bay Area, they didn’t actually ask that.  What they asked was how many LEGO bricks would it take to build your house if you didn’t put in any unnecessary accoutrements like interior walls.  They also skipped the luxury touches such as doors and windows.

Have fun with the calculator.  You might want to give the UPS driver a heads-up when you order the bricks.

Lego_ZuckSo if we want to know how much Lego it would take to rebuilt Mark Zuckerberg’s house, according to this silly tool, the answer is 23,470,037, and it would cost about the same ($2,347,074) to build it out of LEGO than it would if you used redwood and marble and slate and other cheap materials.  You’d need a building site as well.

Now, if you do care about including expensive nonsense such as an access port or a way to allow light and air into the interior, you could download the Virtual Lego Creator and figure this out for real.  Or maybe this guy could help you build it for real.


Image via Wired.


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