December 15, 2012

UPDATED: Snout Housing: Threat or Menace?

Letters, oh we get letters… Here’s something to snuffle over from Burbed reader Kiki:

121214-snout-victoriaI would love to see some analysis on South Bay snout houses.  Why are there so many? It’s like mullets at Wal-Mart.

Do they sit on the market longer than other house styles? Is that a punishment? Do people actually like them or do they settle because of … ahem … “inventory” available?

I don’t think anyone has ever done a published, peer reviewed analysis on snout houses (because the people who would be interested in that sort of data sure don’t want to share it). I’m in Santa Clara – I know of one tract developed in the 1950s that’s almost ALL snout houses. It’s east of Lawrence & north of El Camino (yes, El Camino runs East-West in Santa Clara) and runs east to about Kiely. I’m not sure how far north the sprawl of snout goes but I can surf google earth later today.

thank you for your delightful daily snark. I love what you’re doing.

121214-snout-warburtonGiven the location, location, location that Kiki provided, we went to Redfin and saw what was available.  Answer: nothing you can buy that’s particularly snoutside, but looking at recent sales yielded a winner from 1954 on our first click.

And in that same general area, no snout about it, different from the first one yet so much the same, and also from that excellent year of 1954.

Asnout these homes… yes, they do seem to be clustered in this area.  But we’ve featured this style of home before, and they aren’t all in West Central Santa Clara.

121214-snout-bouveronFor example, here’s one we ran at the beginning of this year.  It’s all snout and nothing else to face.  It’s also not in Santa Clara, but in San Jose.  Such a delightful frontage, wonder why it took ten months to sell. No, it didn’t take ten months, it sold this October.  And also this June, so it’s a snout-flip.  (The June sale took 3 years to happen, and then sold for 1/3 less than the 2000 sale price.)  Wow, instant equity!

But there are all kinds of snout houses, just as there are all kinds of buyers and sellers.


121214-snout-selbyF’rinstance, this lovely little luxury lulu in Milpitas (on the left, above) is better than the usual snout house, because it has bunus snout.  Contrariwise, on the right is a Mountain View maisonette, or as Burbed reader bmwman91 put it, a “single-nostril snout house.”

This delightful domicile à droit (that’s at right for the realtards following along from their home offices) looks like it could fit in a tract with any of the others up top, but this middle-class muzzle-mansion is in Atherton. Yes, it’s in the cheap-ass part that’s practically Redwood City, but it has an Atherton mailing address and more importantly, an Atherton property tax bill.

Let us know about snout houses you’ve seen, visited, or even lived in.  Or let us know about anything else you want, because it’s also time to get your schnozz into a Weekend Open Thread!

Update 10:07 PM: How could we forget this ode to snout housing from 1986? Put your hands together for David Byrne, who anticipated what endless expansion of exurbia would lead to.  This is a clip from True Stories.

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November 29, 2009

Top 10 Reasons California Is Better Than Texas | NBC Bay Area

This Thanksgiving weekend, please take sometime out to be thankful for how fortunate you are… to live in a wonderful place like California.

To help you out, here’s a great piece published earlier this year:

Top 10 Reasons California Is Better Than Texas | NBC Bay Area
Top 10 Reasons California Is Better Than Texas
Lone Star State wishes it were California

No. 10 — People Want to Come Here

No. 9 — Big States Don’t Cry

No. 8 — Our Waistlines Are Under Control

No. 7 — Hit the Beach

No. 6 — World’s Toughest Governor

No. 5 — We Have Options

No. 4 — Plenty of Eye Candy

No. 3 — We Actually Invent Stuff

No. 2 — It’s All About the Weather

No. 1 — California Isn’t Home to George W. Bush

Be sure to read the article for the full justifications!

What are you thankful for?

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July 12, 2009

Properties for $400,000 – The New York Times

Properties for $400,000 – The New York Times > Great Homes and Destinations > Slide Show > Slide 7 of 20



A four-bedroom house in Ponderosa Forest, a suburban neighborhood outside the beltway that encircles the core of Houston, is on the market for $399,000.

Thanks to Burbed reader James for sharing this. He thought that readers here would be interested in knowing more about what $400,000 can buy in Houston.

Personally, I’m just disappointed that these NY elitests once again forgot to show off what can be purchased in the Bay Area (Real or otherwise) for $400,000.

Anyway, who wants to live in Houston, Chicago, or New Haven (featured in this link)?

This week, Burbed will show you what $400,000 can buy in the Bay Area.

Thanks James!

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June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th – what would happen if a lot of bad luck struck here?

It’s Friday the 13th! And in honor of this day, let’s take a look at what could happen if a streak of bad luck happened to us – Austin, TX and cheap housing:

4508 Sharpshinned Hawk Cv
Austin, TX 78738

4 Bed, 3.5 Bath
3,365 Sq. Ft.
0.24 Acres
Estimated Payment:

$2,337 Per Month*
Single Family Property, Area: LS, Subdivision: Spillman Ranch, Falconhead, County: Travis, Approximately 0.24 acre(s), Year Built: 2003, Golf course view, Two story, Central air conditioning, Fireplace(s), Dining room, Office

This, my friends, is the kind of nightmare that the Bay Area may become if we don’t all do our parts to keep house prices high. Think about it – if you could buy a house like this in the Bay Area for $500k, what incentive would you have to continue to work and foster the amazing innovations that Silicon Valley is famous for.

No, you’d probably become fat, lazy, and do nothing but sit around and eat Amy’s Ice Cream all day like they do in Austin. Austin defenders will point out that they have a tech industry there – just look at Dell. Do that, I say “Yeah, just look at Dell and how they’re falling apart compared to HP.” The only reason HP is succeeding is because of their top talent here in the Bay Area.

Do you want to be around only healthy skinny people? Bay Area.

Do you want to be around only smart and well educated people? Bay Area.

Do you want to get paid insanely great salaries and have amazing stock options that will make you rich? Bay Area.

Do you want access to sushi and great food – not just grits and ‘Q? Bay Area.

Do you want to enjoy 400 days a year of great weather? Bay Area.

Do you want cheap mansions that will make you fat, dumb, poorly paid, pay low taxes, and die in the heat? Austin.

’nuff said.

(Note to Austin readers: I’m sorry for the harsh words. But your cheap housing really disgusts me. That said, Amy’s ice cream was pretty awesome. The fact that you can get it at the airport is great too.)

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