August 21, 2009

Work/live at home in Moss Beach!

MLS Property Details :: MLS Listings :: Philip Watson
887 Etheldore St, Moss Beach
MLS#: 80937306
Status: Active
Beds: 3
Baths: 3
Sq Ft: 2,300
Lot: 8,000 Sq Ft
Age: 86

List: $799,999


Public Remarks: Work/live at home!!! Mixed use buildings. Unit “A” and Unit “B”. Owners have done a beautiful job renovating both structures. Unit “A” has a residential area and a commericial area. Unit “B” is currently used as a residential space. Loaded with old world character and charm. Large sunny lot with flat useable spaces. Nice use of finish work on interior. Many uses for residential/commercial.

It’s Friday, so I figured I’d head over to the beach. Thanks to Burbed reader TK for this find!

Let’s see what TK had to say:

Hello Burbed,

The misspellings, syntax errors, and extreme hyperbole are way too common among our local real estate agents to even register as humorous anymore.  Still, the below listing caught my eye because it lists 3 bedrooms (for an unusual property in Moss Beach) but displays two pictures of the identical bedroom.  We know real estate agents don’t employ editors but why don’t they check their postings for errors?  If I made a 6% comission on sales of million-dollar homes, I would feel a little obligated to get things right.

Clearly TK doesn’t read techcrunch or any other tech blogs! Hyperbole is mandatory! It’s what sells!

But, let’s take a look at those photos:


Sure there’s two pictures of the bedroom – but that’s only because it demonstrates so much of that new world charm!

That’s why this is the greatest property in the entire universe! (Note, there may be some hyperbole.)

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